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What Is D3?
First and foremost, D3 is a student-run incubator at OSU. It is NOT a workshop-only, meeting-only organization.

Design, Develop, Deploy. (or D3 for short), is an organization at The Ohio State University where members are put into small groups and design an idea, then work that idea into a prototype by the end of the semester. D3 emphasizes product development over inviting guest speakers and hosting networking events all semester.

Not that those types of organizations aren't helpful, because they are. And not to say we won't invite our fair share of industry professionals, because we will. But when there's tons of organizations that only focus on networking/socializing, and not many (if any) that focus on building and launching products; something had to change.

That's where D3 comes in.

How Is It Done?
With a core of about 20-30 individuals per semester, members are put into groups of 3-4 (based on similar interests), and instructed to build a prototype of a product by the end of the semester. The ideal group consists of 1-2 designers, 1-2 coders/builders, and usually someone who is business savvy (creative).

The product your group makes could be a website, a mobile app, or even a piece of hardware. But the point is to actually get something going (actually MAKE something), rather than just learn theory all day. D3 helps take the things you already know about products and design, and pushes you to apply that knowlege within a small team to build something useful.

Every week there's a scheduled meeting time that will help you learn things like UI/UX design principles, market feasibility, prototyping software and tools, product testing, pitch coaching, and more.

There's also Pitch Night and Demo Night. On Pitch Night (about halfway through the semester), each group pitches their products in a short 5 minute presentation and receives direct feedback on their product, direction, and other factors. On Demo Night (at the end of the semester), each group has the opportunity to show off their product to the many people who come. Those invited include peers, professors, and even professionals outside of the university.

Who Is D3 Made For?
Anyone from any major, and any year, can apply to be considered for the D3 organization. The typical D3 member is an entrepreneurial kind of person who wants to work in a small company or startup, or even create their own company some day. If that's you, then apply now to be considered for the upcoming semester.

One defining feature of a D3 member is a desire to create products NOW, instead of only after college. You can take years of schooling, but only a few courses here and there actually focus on building a tangible product. D3 is the environment where you can start building your expertise and experience before college ends.

D3 is also made for those of you who have the passion to start their own product or company, but are hesistant to do so due to funding or other limiting factors. This organization is designed to help you get that idea off the ground in a risk-free environment with people your age.

What About After The Semester?
After each semester, each group is encouraged to continue working on their product/prototype, constantly tweaking and making it better outside of the organization. The purpose of the organization is to get you acclimated to the life of a fast-moving startup, and have you feel what it's like to quickly get a product from the idea phase to the launch phase.

D3 takes no equity, shares, or anything so if you and/or your teammates want to launch the product or form a business around the idea, you're very much allowed to. We just ask that you reference us when anyone asks how you got started :)

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